Our recruitment and selection process is based on the many years of experience of our colleagues and the appropriate use of available tools and methods. We use the type and level of the position, as well as the experience and skills required, to determine the recruitment tools we use to ensure that our clients find the best person for the job with the least amount of time and effort. We take care of the entire selection process, and our clients only need to spend time on candidates who are truly suitable for the advertised job.

Permanent placement, direct search, executive selection
Delego Consulting Ltd.

Looking for a long time but cannot find the right candidate?

You do not have sufficient capacity to recruit?
Looking for especially skilled employees?
Searching for the right candidate for an executive position?
Choose the permanent placement and direct search services of Delego Consulting Ltd.!

Our selection process is flexible to meet the needs of our clients. This allows us to offer a service tailored to your company and job position. For each job, we look at the personal and professional competencies that the ideal candidate should have and then match these competencies to the selection tools that are most effective and dependable.

Certain areas, sectors, and professions have become highly valued by local employers.
These professionals and executives with specific skills are not freely available on the labor market and are not actively looking for a job. They must be encouraged and motivated to change.

In this case, our work is not primarily based on advertisements and internet databases.

With years of experience, our network of contacts, and alternative sources, we can help you find a specialist or executive who is not available on the labor market now.

Delego Ltd. could assist our Partners to find primarily SSC staff speaking several languages, they’re experts in mechanical, electronics, and logistics engineering, and professionals in the fields of economics, finance, and IT.