„Our top priority is People come first”

The Delego Group, one of the most dynamically growing temporary and permanent placement company in Hungary, offers full HR services for its Customers.

We consider both our Clients and our Employees as our highly valued Customers. Their satisfaction is based on the expertise and motivation of our Colleagues. Each of our staff is a representative of our Customers.

The basis, as well as the main capital and value, of our activities is People come first.

In order to provide high quality HR services, it is inevitable to have a team of experts who are familiar with the road to success.

Delego was established in 2011 by experienced professionals who were extremely successful in the field of temporary and permanent placement in the recent decade. Since its establishment, Delego has achieved significant results due to this background, special knowledge and experience.

Delego has been growing dynamically


The expectations of our Customers oblige us. Fulfilling the expectations means survival, exceeding them means nothing less than outstanding from the competition. Delego will at least keep but rather exceed its commitments.

Our Group has branches in 7 cities and employs 1000 temporary workers. Our rapid growth proves that there is place in the market for a new, Hungarian owned company offering high quality services.

A guarantee of quality

Our flexible HR solutions and customized recruitment strategy ensure that our Customers will receive high quality services.

Our Group, which is a member of the Hungarian Association of Personnel Consultants (SZTMSZ) and the National Association of School Cooperatives (ISZOSZ), has MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 certification. We are proud that our company succeeded to meet the requirements of both the quality management system and the professional associations at the very start of its operation.