The employment of students through a school cooperative is currently the most flexible and cheapest solution for acquiring a competent, reliable, well organised workforce.

The cooperative will conclude an agency contract or an enterprising contract with your company, and will provide you student workers for a predetermined hourly fee that includes all costs. The consideration paid for our service is deductible as general cost, and will not burden the client’s payroll expenses.

By employing students you may satisfy your need for labour in a very flexible way, saving up to 30-40% in costs as compared to employing full-time workers because there would be no need to pay social security contributions, or pay for regular leaves or sick leaves.

The hourly fees include wages and taxes, as well as the costs for advertising, recruitment, organisation, payroll accounting and administration.

Whether in the field of production/manufacturing, trade, FMCG, logistics or the SSC sector, whether in blue-collar jobs working day by day or shift by shift, or in administrative jobs and even in areas requiring special skills, our students stand their ground.

We offer a special opportunity for you, to employ the children of your associates or friends through our school cooperativeat our company. In this case you will be charged only a nominal administrative fee, in addition to the jointly determined wage of the student.

Activities that may be performed by students:

  • administration
  • data recording
  • file arrangement
  • receptionist, secretary
  • hostess
  • telephone customer service, telemarketing, call centre
  • putting letters in envelopes
  • labelling
  • packaging
  • gluing
  • translation, interpreting
  • distribution of flyers
  • other activities requiring  special skills and knowledge