Temporary placement

Looking for a solution that is more advantageous and more flexible than traditional employment? Is your labour demand changing continuously? You don’t plan to expand your workforce but still need workers? Your best choice is the temporary labour service provided by Delego!

Permanent placement

Have you been searching for appropriate staff without success? Have you got inadequate capacity for recruitment? Do you need specially skilled employees? Do you have vacancies for executive positions? Choose the permanent placement and direct search services of Delego!

Student work

By employing students you may satisfy your need for labour in a very flexible way, saving up to 30-40% in costs as compared to employing full-time workers because there would be no need to pay social security contributions, or pay for regular leaves or sick leaves.

Simplified employment, casual employment

Half-day deadline for recruiting and substitution, low taxes, working activity without vacations and sick leaves, higher net wages, social assistance may be kept, simple administration, starting an employment fast, without the need for occupational health examination. Significant savings as compared to a traditional employment. It is called simplified employment.