We are pleased to inform our dear Partners that Delego Ltd. has gained the title of “Qualified Employer” as of October 2022.

The strict certification issued by the government is only granted to a few temporary placement companies that meet the strict financial, professional, personal, and transparency conditions required for acquiring this license.


In addition to the loan deposit of 15 million HUF, the conditions also include the provision of an additional financial deposit of 50 million HUF – managed separately – thus providing multiple guarantees for the temporary employees.


As a certified temporary placement agency, Delego Ltd. can recruit and hire workers from 17 countries outside the EU through a facilitated procedure. This is without the need for a work permit, and of course in compliance with immigration rules.

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Workers from the following countries are now available to YOUR company through Delego:


  • the Republic of Kazakhstan – Kazakh workforce
  • the Republic of Kyrgyzstan – Kyrgyz workforce
  • Republic of the Philippines – Philippine workforce
  • Vietnam – Vietnamese workforce
  • the Republic of Indonesia – Indonesian workforce
  • Mongolia – Mongolian workforce
  • Ukraine – Ukrainian workforce
  • the Republic of Serbia – Serbian workforce
  • the Republic of Belarus – Belarusian workforce
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina – Bosnian workforce
  • the Republic of North Macedonia – Macedonian workforce
  • Montenegro – Montenegrin workforce
  • the Federative Republic of Brazil – Brazilian workforce
  • Georgia – Georgian workforce
  • the Republic of Colombia – Colombian workforce
  • Russian Federation – Russian workforce
  • the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela – Venezuelan workforce

Different cultural and social characteristics mean that workers in different countries have different levels of experience in various fields. On request, we can help you choose the most suitable source country for your industry and provide expert advice on these specific countries.

After contacting us, we will also be happy to share our recruitment references abroad with you and your company.

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Qualified employer license No.: BP/0701/075046-5/2022-10